sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

Una vuelta a la civilizacion

So, kids. Guess who's finally arreglado su internet?
That would be Beccaniles.
Lo cual significa que no tengo que separarme de Livingstone.

Ah - and Merry Christmas.

So yes. This means that once again, for the small fee of 27 euros, I have successfully shed my 3rd world status and reconnected with the almighty force of knowledge, communication (...i.e. facebook) and free downloads.

I would like to think that my internet-less existence has led to a more creative, motivated and focused lifestyle; but that simply is not the case.
Apart from perhaps, honing the guitar and cooking skills, let's be honest - none of that homework got finished.

Or started.

10 points for blame-elimination of the passive voice. Makes me sound a little less guilty.
Though I'm pretty sure Blue Man from the Picasso painting, who is staring at me, is still judging me.
Judge this, Blue Man. At least I get out.
So you just sit there in your frame. That's fine.

So I'll leave you all here. I now have unlimited access to deh interwebs...so I'll write later.


lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

Deh interwebs

Playlist: Turn the Page - Bob Seger
Medley Jack and Neal - Tom Waits
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
Tunnel of Love - Dire Straits
Peace of Mind - Boston
Layla (acoustic) - Eric Clapton
White Man in Hammersmith Palais - The Clash
Sound System - Operation Ivy

Let's talk about deh interwebs.
As many of you have probably seen via the scarce and inconsistent updates on facebook, mi ordenador (Livingstone) es una mierda - y el internet solamente funciona cuando le apetece.
That's wonderful. I would like to think after our relationship of cerca de 3 years, we had finally reached a good place, Livingstone and I.

When we first met, my senior year of high school, Livingstone and I hit it right off. He's a great multi-tasker and musician, stored whatever I threw at him. I treated him well; I thought we would live happily forever. Hell. He even followed me to Bloomington and then to Madrid.
However, due to the fact that I am always pushing his buttons and he's not really one for confrontation (or any sort of dialogue, really), Livingstone, I believe has reached the end of his rope. I understand that living in a foreign country is always difficult; nevertheless, I thought he had been adjusting rather well to the language and format change.
So, as in any relationship, Livingstone and I are finding ourselves at a pivotal crossroads.
Do we go see someone who can fix our problem? Or do we just keep on ignoring it until he gets his act together or I find...someone new?
Input would be appreciated here.

Ah well. I do have one message for you, my one technological love.
In the words of Dandy Livingstone (after whom you are named) ,

"Stop your messin' around.
Better think of your future.
It's time you straightened right out.
Else you'll wind up in jail.

A message to you, Rudy."