sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

Una vuelta a la civilizacion

So, kids. Guess who's finally arreglado su internet?
That would be Beccaniles.
Lo cual significa que no tengo que separarme de Livingstone.

Ah - and Merry Christmas.

So yes. This means that once again, for the small fee of 27 euros, I have successfully shed my 3rd world status and reconnected with the almighty force of knowledge, communication (...i.e. facebook) and free downloads.

I would like to think that my internet-less existence has led to a more creative, motivated and focused lifestyle; but that simply is not the case.
Apart from perhaps, honing the guitar and cooking skills, let's be honest - none of that homework got finished.

Or started.

10 points for blame-elimination of the passive voice. Makes me sound a little less guilty.
Though I'm pretty sure Blue Man from the Picasso painting, who is staring at me, is still judging me.
Judge this, Blue Man. At least I get out.
So you just sit there in your frame. That's fine.

So I'll leave you all here. I now have unlimited access to deh interwebs...so I'll write later.


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