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Otro monologo sintactico - por si os interesa


D.J.s - Sublime
Land Down Under - Men Without Hats
Strictly Rude - Big D and the Kid's Table
Medley Jack & Neal - Tom Waits
California Burritos - Chuck Reagan
Between the Lines - Also Chuck Reagan
Jungleland - Bruce Springsteen

Once again I find myself in that wonderful time of the year known as:

the end of Christmas break.

Sin embargo, this year, I did not have the pleasure of sitting idly and awaiting the beginning of a new semester.
Instead, me quedé con una tormenta de 2 rather large papers and several readings looming over my head for three weeks.
"Beccaniles," you might ask, "didn't you knock a good chunk of that work out in 3 weeks, as you had more than enough time?"

And my answer is no. In fact, the 2000ish words due Tuesday, I have only just begun. Once again, 3 days is more than ample time to produce a comparative syntactic analysis of a book I have read no less than 12 times (Crime and Punishment/ Crimen y castigo) - however, I also have classes to attend and classes to teach within that time period.

-"Back to real life, eh?"
-"Eff that ess."

Qué fuerte. I've finally progressed to conversing with myself aloud.

So. Let us discuss once again the not-really-syntax class.
Usually, at this point in time, I would lapse into an incoherent rant about the lack of syntactic content of the class.
Nonetheless, I have begun to view this trabajo final como una manera de por fin victoriously waving the syntactic flag high above my little linguistic head.
(Feel free insert your own Government and Binding Theory joke here in reference to the use of the word "head". Hahahaaaaah. Linguistics always good for a laugh.)


What not-really-syntax teacher (I would like to clarify that she, as a teacher is quite wonderful. However, I still greatly desire some linguistic content in the class.) has unknowingly provided me here, is not only a solid opportunity for the post-modern literary analysis space-fillers which are easily reflected in sentence structure and the placement/use of certain descriptors, but an unequivocally open forum for the discussion of...

ADJECTIVE PHRASES!!!!!!! (insert Oprah-esque WHAAAAOOOOO here)
What what?! Semantically determined adv location?
Perhaps a little english/spanish comparative head structures?! Joooooder.
Oh, what's that? Perhaps even a little X-Bar Theory, you say?
Now things are just gettin' caRAZay up in here.
Yes. I believe even Steven Pinker himself would be a little envious, were he not hopelessly lost in the cognitive sphere.

That's right, friends, Beccaniles has been given the best gift imaginable, 200o words of uninhibited, unadulterated linguistic meandering (all completely purposeful, meandering, of course. Oxy-moron? Perhaps to some).

Oh man. I don't even know why I am writing this blog instead of that paper.
Yes I do. It's late, I don't particularly want to think right now; not to mention I am thoroughly overcome with ecstacy.
It's moments like these that make the thought of my seemingly futureless academic endeavors worth while.
And I'm pretty sure it's moments like these that actually keep the field of linguistics alive...or, at least in a well-maintained vegetative state.

Uy. Gracias, Reyes Magos. Me han dado ustedes un regalo legendario.

Hmm. On a completely unrelated note, I'm a little erked that I busted a guitar string yesterday. It's not even an E string which I could possibly do without. It's the G. Kind of necessary.
I suppose that was Jesus telling me to put down the guitar and study.

I'm out. Hasta later.


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