sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Quién debe estar estudiando...?

Hi. That would be me.

Rockin' Horse - Allman Brothers
Can't Stop - RHCP
The Science of Selling Yourself Short - Less Than Jake
Fumblin' With the Blues - Tom Waits
Strictly Rude - Big D and the Kids Table
What It Is - Mark Knopfler
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters

Examen final: viernes el 12

This final will consist of 2 questions/essay topics spanning from Plato to Noam Chomsky.
No thank you. I think I'll pass.

...or rather, maybe I won't.

I have paid attention. I have gone to class. I have ni puta idea what to expect.
Could I have done something differently? Studied more?
Study what?, I ask.
The philosophical and linguistic history en total of the world?
Especially considering some of the class resources were not only in Spanish, but in Latin and Italian?
No. Si existe algo que debo haber hecho, es obtener poderes síquicos para que pudiera haber previsto los temas del examen.

Dicho esto, let's do as we usually do and pretend it doesn't exist, yes? Yes.
So, I moved. That's something new.
Nice place.
Tight roomie.
I dig.

...also, I disgracefully scored 10 more points for postmodernism in a Lit paper y recibí una very nice grade for it.

Well. That's not completely true. The paper actually had a point.
Unlike postmo...der...

Oo! Además!
This new semester is shaping up to end just as joyfully as the last in terms of not-really-syntax II -
Yes. I'm taking the follow up to not-really-syntax I.
- in that our final paper is essentially the same as the previous one;
meaning beccaniles gets the opportunity to syntactically analyze (and propagandize) MORE Dostoevsky.
Qué fuerte.
Be still, my soul.

If only this impending exam-nado de la Historia de la Lingüística ended so nicely.

Ah well, in the words of Ben Kweller,

"It's the slacker lifestyle
that we do so well...
... my brain is super-fried"

hasta later,

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