jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

on a scale of 1 to completely irrelevant...

Salina - The Avett Bros.
Pretty Girl from Chile - The Avett Bros.
Tunnel of Love - The Dire Straits
Prologue - Catch 22
Opportunity - Catch 22
Soulchaser - Caesars
Teardrop - Massive Attack
eh, why not, Walk of Life- The Dire Straits

Munchlist: Pan tomaca, un piti y la cerveza preferida

Porque has venido tan pronto?
Julio better just back it on up.
This homie's not quite ready yet.

Ha, certainly not ready for the final exams.
Let's do a run through of the remaining exams:

14 de junio: el problema de metodo en marx
17 de junio: nihilismo y la metafisica


29 de junio: religiones de antiguedad
not a damn chance.

good thing that one's pass/fail.
nevertheless, as a friend so bluntly reminded me, pass/fail still leaves FAIL as an option.

so we'll see what happens with those.
at the moment, i'm "studying" for the marx jazz.
i really do find the topic interesting on some level.
however, at the moment, i feel that it simply doesn't matter.
whether social science spontaneously arose from the proletariat masses or was handed down to them by a bored bourgeoisie really has no place in my current life.
i've always been a personal fan of distractions; nonetheless, my current existential state requires a certain amount of focus so as to not fall into basket-caseland.

which brings us to the next final, nihilismo y la metafisica.
this one i find a bit more pertinent to my life - though not because i am a nihilist.
(so you can call off the suicide watch)

sin embargo, regardless of its pertinence and my understanding of the topic, there is a ridiculous amount of memorization to knock out before the 17th.
que Dios me bendiga with that one.

speaking of Dios - religiones de antiguedad.
if there is one topic completely irrelevant and useless to a linguistics and spanish major, this is it.
it's kind of fun to be thrown into the world of latin terms which now have different meanings...



the layout of various religious institutions of the roman empire, as well as the various titles and responsibilities of every puto ciudadano is about as relevant to my existence as the invention of the yo-yo.
i have never owned one.

list of things relevant to my life at the moment (and possibly to yours):

playing lots of guitar
really nice weather
really cold beer
really good friends
really amazing books
really awesome music
bastante superb food
the yoosah kicking culo britanico in the copa mundial (june 12 at 20:30 spain-time, for those of you unaware...TOMAAA, INGLATERRA. AMURKAH!)
attempting to aprovechar de todo antes de que me vaya en julio
the magical world of linguistics
constructing a complete thought without losing it
becoming extremely excited about seeing friends, family and the new miniNiles
ponerme melancolica al pensar en separarme de la gente aqui
planificar la vuelta a madrid
reteaching myself how to spell english words (i.e. 'caulk,' 'wholly,' anything borrowed from french, anything ending in -tion or -tial, and anything with diphthongs - it took more attempts than i'd care to mention to spell "bourgeoisie" above.)
questioning the cosmos as to why mark knopfler must come to madrid AFTER i leave

i will see that man in concert before one of us dies.
os lo juro.

oi. that's all i've got for the moment.
the big debate now is:

continue studying until the wee hours vs. sleep soon and wake up at a respectable hour to get a head start

i'll pine over that one a while.
have a wonderful thursday.


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