sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010



Walkin' in Memphis - Marc Cohn
Holyman - Blind Melon
The Pusher - " " " "
Walk - " " " "
No Rain - " " " "
Eggs and Sausage - Tom Waits
Handlebars - Flobots

Semana Santa: secularly recognized religious holiday lasting slightly longer than one glorious week.
Official beginning: yesterday
List of activities to accomplish during said holiday: ni puta cosa.

Headin' off to Porto, Portugal for a few days tomorrow.
Should be nice.
Ni puta cosa que tengo que hacer.
Bueno, I suppose that's kind of a lie. There are several books I should be reading for classes.
And really, I have two rather large trabajos finales looming in the near future.
Gonna suck.
I'm sure there will be the usual pointless, time-killing blog posts during that time.

And -
To those of you who have relentlessly demanded that my lazy self re-acquire some form of proof of American citizenship:

Got it.
Minus visa and stamps to prove I entered the country legally.
So congratulations on your seeming victory, relentless demanders...

But homie's still illegal.
Story of my life.

The trip to the embassy was quite daunting. If you really want to know, send me a message and I'll tell you personally.
Somehow, after that visit, I feel as though I'm being monitored...
I'm too damn paranoid to write it here.

So. On this sunny, lazy Saturday of Semana Santa, I plan on having a nice conversation con la guitarra and packin' off to a picnic with some people.
Hope you all enjoy yours :D


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  1. I'd love to hear your embassy story. I recall when I was there they sent in this guy from the embassy for a little "scared straight" talk to all the American students. The guy seemed pretty tough, like he had a cyanide pill in his pocket or something, but maybe it was just puffery. I decided I didn't want to find out the wrong way, so I kept my nose clean for the semester.

  2. ha, SO not puffery. what's your email address? i'll send you the unabridged version.