jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

i don't even know.

This week's lost in translation moment:

Anonymous Spaniard: Noooo, Becca! How would you say in english...mmm...fijarse en alguien?

Me: Um, I guess you could say, "to focus on or pay attention to?" o algo como asi?

Anonymous Spaniard: Bueno, so I foked him, right? and-


quite a LOL moment.


Sultans of Swing (Live '85) - Dire Straits
Soul Man - Sam and Dave
November Rain (mainly the ending) - Guns 'n Roses
Bulletproof - La Roux
Gimme Some Lovin - The Toasters

I'm beginning to believe that I am actually dead. I simply have yet to realize it.
How else could I once again (fourth time in the past two weeks) sleep through an alarm, lying on my pillow, sounding at the maximum volume?
This is starting to get ridiculous.

Ah well.

So. For those of you who continue to judge me for my unrivaled laziness and apathy regarding administrative matters -
I have printed the forms.
I've gotten the pictures.

I'm going to the embassy tomorrow.

They'll probably refuse to issue me a passport on the sole grounds that I've waited literally 3 months after the robbery to file for another.
Making me an idiot.

Hmm. I can quedarme aqui.
I'm cool with that.

Bueno. Time to go.
Beccaniles needin' to earn some mahnies.

P.S. Soon to come:
Some words regarding "Demons" - probably the best book I've read to date.

4 comentarios:

  1. You've seriously waited this long?

    Eh...I would have too, probably. And if you quedarte alli, I can come visit you! :D I'm going to Mexico for a few weeks this summer and then Puerto Rico with Andrew and his family before school starts. Maybe if you get stuck there I can come visit you for Christmas! Jajaja. <3 you.

  2. HAHA that's such a positive attitude. loves it.
    p.s. dude. how did you manage that? did you get accepted to the field school?!
    p.s. i'll tell you about my passport experience in the next entry. i'll write it today after class.

    ...i hope the government doesn't flag it because it involves the embassy...

    i may never get this passport.

  3. Dude, yeah I did! I thought I told you!

    And boo, I can't go to PR because they wouldn't have room for me in the rental car. Oh wells, I can't afford the plane ticket anyway.

    And don't worry. If you don't get your passport, you can teach English during the day and sell your body to those feisty Spaniards by night and live the good life. You could even teach the feisty Spaniards English while they take advantage of your services, and then charge them double for it!

  4. i can't believe you just posted this on my blog.

    oh wait. yes i can.