lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Limbo: Part Deux - "La technologie peut SUCK IT." (she said in her best french accent)

Fortress - Ace Troubleshooter
Trenchtown Rock - Bob Marley (Or Sublime, your choice. Both superb.)
Bourbon and Division - Firewater
Every Morning - Sugar Ray (Yes, I just went there.)
Cowards Sing at Night - Tom Gabel
A Desalambrar - Daniel Viglietti
Maybellene - Chuck Berry
Shine - Collective Soul
World Gone Crazy - Dub Pistol

Just sent off the last of this group of postcards.
Well, the only group of postcards I've sent since being here.
...8 months.
Sorry, everyone. I suck at all things correo.
They probably won't even get to you anyway given this whole passport situation.
Actually, I've probably just endangered your citizenship by sending you a posty.
Hola from Spaaain!!! (And the CIA)...

Ah well.
At least you'll have a story for the kids.

That really wasn't the point of this blog.
The point of this blog, which is rather pointless, is to express my strong discontent with this whole international IP address deal.
All I want to do is watch season 6 of the office.
Why, NBC? Why? I'm still paying taxes in your country. Why can't I just watch the show?
Totally forgot about the state taxes.
Meh. I've got until Friday.
Dear CIA, please tell the grand, sovereign state of Indiana that I'll get those digits to'em asap.
kthxbye, beccaniles.

So anyway. This was a way to kill a few minutes until the almighty Megavideo would let me watch the rest of an episode after reaching my 72 minute limit.
You've all been there.
No me juzgeis.
I suppose I could fill out my taxes to kill some time?




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  1. You can do two things to get around the 72min block on megavideo. You can download the whole video without playing it, and then click "work offline" to watch it. That gets around the limit.

    Of course, what I did when I wanted to watch the Badgers in the NCAA tournament from Spain was to use a proxy server. Essentially, you mask your IP address in an attempt to convince megavideo that your are not in Spain, y de ahí sin límite alguno.

    Google "megavideo proxy" and the first 10 or so links should help you. I'm not saying it's trivial, but there should be instructions. If you're still having trouble, I can try to help.