jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

no solo otro jueves con lluvia

Life Will Fade Away - Synthetic Elements
Your Pride - Synthetic Elements
Hold On (I'm Comin') - Sam and Dave
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love - Wilson Pickett
Wake Up - Tim Armstrong
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine - The Killers
See the Flames Begin to Crawl - Five Iron Frenzy
Something Like Laughter - Five Iron Frenzy
Calm Like a Bomb - Rage Against the Machine

If you haven't traversed the Facebook today:
Mission in life: Be the coolest tia ever.
Difficulties: Sister-in-law has about 400 siblings.

Eh, I can settle for being "one of" the cool ones. At least miniNiles is going to have lots of cool tio/as.

In honor of new miniNiles (Isaiah John - 7lbs, 2 oz, 19 1/2 inches, born April 14th at 8:57pm - just in time for the drink specials at several bars, I might add. Smart kid.):
1 8:30 am class skipped.
1 kebab eaten.
1 coffee to be shared tonight.
Drinkage to follow tomorrow.

Maybe that would have happened anyway.
But we'll just chalk one up to the new kid.
He's gonna need all the points he can get - after all, he is a Niles.

Too bad I have to wait three months to see him.
I mean, seriously. He'll be like, 19 by then.
If anyone has gift ideas for a (by my mathematical calculations) 3 month, 19 year old baby boy, please tell me. Clothes are out. They out grow them.
And I mean, if he's already 18, I don't know if he's going to be one of those skinny punk kids who wears girl pants and X-small kid tees or an XXL football player type.
Maybe he'll throw everyone for a curve and be an X-small kid tee wearing football player.
Oh God.
We can only hope.
Maybe we could get a start on his master library or something. It's never too early for a little Schopenhauer.
I'm sure there's a baby edition of Schopenhauer by now anyway.
Something like...
"Music = PRETTY!!"
"Post hoc ergo propter hoc = Mr. Hegel, POOPY FACE BAD MAN."
"Dialectic = STUPID."
"Free will = Eating COOOOKIEEEESSSS at any time of day. Mommy and Daddy can't stop you."
Available in the "Lecturas extranjeras" section of your local Casa del Libro.
A timeless classic for all ages.

Bah. That's all for now.
In the meantime, if you're my friend on facebook, go to mah bro's page (Patrick Niles) and czech out the miniNiles in action. :D

Hasta later,


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  1. first of all: KEBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP.

    second: you're awesome.

    third: BABY. SO COOL. OMG.

    fourth: your hilarity is...hilarious.

    THE END.