viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

El triunfo tecnologico

Yes, world.
I'm back.
Tengo finalmente un telefono.
Because incoming calls and texts are free, and because I most likely know everyone who is reading this, the number is 34.622.137.905
Dame una llamada.

Had clase numero uno de gramatica intensiva today. Wasn't very intensiva.
But I suspect this will change very quickly.

Nevertheless, considering it's friday, I don't have class again until lunes. Giving me the weekend to crack down on the apartment hunt. A little intimidating, I must admit. I can converse moderately successfully in person, but on the phone, all bets are off. I can barely understand people on the phone in ingles most of the time.
Should be interesting.
I'm probably just going to end up pissing off a load of Spaniards.

Ah well.
I'm now going with one of the kids here to check out an apartment (not for me. I'm still a little behind).

More later,


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