sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2009

Un dia para descansar. Pues...más o menos

Saturday numero uno en Madrid.

F I N A L M E N T E, a day to sleep in a little.
Nevertheless, I woke up at about 9:30 this morning in order to get some mahnies to put down a possible payment en un piso que visité ayer.
This place is absolutely phenomenal. Está ubicado en el barrio de Puerta del Ángel, which is about 5 metro stops from campus on línea 6 - in other words, a pretty reasonable commute.
The apartment is inexpensive, clean and relatively spacious, but I could care less about that at the moment.
The selling point?

El techo.

From the roof (to which we will have a key) there is a simply amazing view of not only the mountains, but of downtown Madrid.

And the landlords are wonderful people as well.
This place is seriously the whole package.

If possible, I plan on buying some batteries for my camera to take pictures of the place and post them here. Unbelievable. If this apartment doesn't work out for some reason, I'm going to be pretty disheartened returning to the piso search, but I'm sure I'll be perfectly happy wherever I end up.

No me importa - ESTOY EN MADRID.

A couple kids from my group and I plan on checking out the area tonight after our appointment a las 17:00. I've completely given up on trying to convert time, temperature (centigrade), and euros at this point.

converting time - useless
temperature - too much math
y euros? too depressing.

If I return from this trip with 0 euros, the exchange should give me at least a few dollars. I'm pretty sure that's about fair.

Ah well. So goes life in a crap global economy.

Hasta luego,


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  1. Good luck on the apartment, Becca! It sounds amazing! I'm sooo jealous of you right now...

    (by the way, your blog keeps yelling at me in Spanish when I try to post this comment...unhelpful.)

  2. HAHA lo siento, chris. everything is .es instead of .com.
    so you'll have that. just yell back.