martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Para la audencia visual:

Hey e'rbody.
Got some batries, got some piso.
Here the pitchas.

So there's a pretty lengthy hallway upon entering the piso.
After passing the tv room, the kitchen/laundry room, and the bathroom (with a bidet...), you stumble upon common room (first 2 pitchas)

Aaand here's that tv room. Complete with a 12 volume set of the History of the Humanities. Yes. My landlord was a professor.

Through the common room, there are three other rooms. Two are my roommates, Richard and Tarek. The third is mine. Here's the view from mah window.
I'm not going to put any pictures up of my room yet, because it's not quite all unpacked - but, here's the best part:

You can tell alot about your neighbors from their laundry.
Apparently mine are all dudes.
Yeah. That's all part of the view from the roof. I'd be pretty content pitching a tent up there for 10 months.
Well. I'm actually going to go back up on the roof now.

Hasta lu,


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